Contract R&D

Through customized design, advanced research, experimentation and testing, Biosphere offers tailor-made solutions to innovate industrial biotechnology. 

We are leaders in providing cutting-edge Contract Research and Development services in the field of industrial biotechnology. Our extensive experience and highly collaborative approach enable us to work with companies of various sizes to innovate and develop customized biotechnological solutions to meet their specific needs.

At Biosphere, we are at the forefront of biotechnology, paving the way for innovation in the industrial and chemical sectors. Our Contract Research and Development services which include customized design, advanced research and experimentation and testing, are designed to empower companies with tailor-made optimized solutions in fermentation, downstream processing and in the development of innovative biocatalytic solutions for multi-step chemical synthesis.

We believe that successful R&D is built on collaboration and open communication. To choose Biosphere is to choose a partner, not just a service provider. We work closely with our clients’ teams to understand specific challenges and objectives, aligning our solutions with their business goals.

Our Services


We work closely with our clients to develop customized biotechnological solutions that address their unique challenges and objectives. Each project is approached with a tailored strategy.


Our team of highly qualified scientists and researchers uses the latest technologies and scientific methodologies to conduct high-level research. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the latest discoveries in the biotechnology industry.

Experimentation and Testing

Once solutions are developed, we proceed with rigorous laboratory testing and simulations in industrial conditions to ensure product effectiveness.

Fermentation and downstream process development

Biosphere provides a range of advanced processes to optimize and scale-up solutions. With a track record of successful fermentation process development projects across various industries, we are the trusted partner for any R&D need.

Strain Development

Our experienced team excels in engineering microbial strains that are optimized for specific fermentation processes. Whether you’re looking to enhance productivity, increase yield, or achieve specific product attributes, our experts can create tailor-made strains to meet your objectives.

Fermentation and downstream process development

Whether we start from an existing fermentation process, or we develop a totally new solution, in this phase we study and optimize variables like temperature, pH, oxygen levels, and media composition, to achieve higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Lab scale process design and optimization is performed in deep-well microtiter plates and 6,5 liter fermenters, using a DoE approach for effective and timely results.

Downstream Process Design and Optimization

Biosphere team includes chemists with a specific know-how in downstream process development. Each project requires a tailor-made design for downstream operations, with an appropriate combination of key technologies: centrifugation for the separation of microbial biomass from fermentation broths, high pressure homogenization for effective cell disruption, in-line or tangential flow microfiltration for precise supernatant clarification and ultrafiltration to concentrate enzymes and other high-molecular-weight molecules. These techniques are the building blocks of our success in optimizing the purification and quality of your biotech products.

Scale-Up Solutions

Transitioning from laboratory-scale fermentation and downstream processing to industrial production can be a complex endeavor. Biosphere offers comprehensive scale-up solutions, ensuring a smooth transition with a high level of success in maintaining production yields and process robustness. Our 150 L and 1.500 L fermentation units ensure effective scale-up to obtain robust, reproducible, fully implemented industrial processes. All downstream unit operations can be scaled-up accordingly.

Biocatalysis process development

Biocatalysis is at the forefront of green chemistry, and Biosphere’s researchers are at the forefront of biocatalytic innovation. Our team develops tailor-made enzymatic solutions for specific bioconversion reactions, making multi-step synthesis more specific, effective and sustainable.

Bioconversion processes use the power of enzymes to transform substrates into products in innovative synthesis steps that are alternative to traditional chemistry. Biosphere is specialized in creating tailor-made enzymes, precisely engineered to meet the unique requirements of your bioconversion projects. Our team of enzyme experts designs and optimizes these biological catalysts, ensuring they are highly specific, efficient, and reliable.

In the development of a new bioconversion process, we take care of all the steps from enzyme identification and preliminary screening, to enzyme engineering and evolution, to the development of a fermentation and downstream process for the production of the biocatalyst, and finally to the development of a fully implemented bioconversion process, with the definition of optimized values for all process parameters: substrate solubility and stability of the enzyme in the presence of solvents, enzyme/substrate ratio, temperature, pH, co-factors use.



Biosphere’s high-quality contract manufacturing service allows for the customized production of industrial enzymes and other fermentation products.