Contract Manufacturing

With more than ten years of hands-on experience in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food biotech industry, our scientists and technical staff developed skills ranging from microbial fermentation process development, to process scale up and recovery of products.

Biosphere provides a qualified contract manufacturing service for the production of microbial biomass, enzymes and metabolites. 

Our laboratories, pilot plants and production facilities are designed to work with microorganisms up to bio safety level 2 and GMOs.

The fermentation facilities include fermenters of various size, from laboratory scale (1 and 15 litres) to pilot (150 litres) and pre-industrial scale (1.500 litres), equipped with temperature, pH, pO2, air, pressure, stirring controls and regulations.

The downstream equipment includes centrifuges, microfilters, ultrafilters, reverse osmosis devices, filter-driers and bell filters. Chromatographic tests can be performed on a laboratory scale.

Our chemical and microbiological laboratories provide analytical support for the quality control of raw materials and final products.