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Biosphere is your ideal partner for the development of biotech processes and for the manufacturing of microbial enzymes, biomass and metabolites.

About us

Contract R&D

BioSphere offers an efficient and qualified service of outsourcing mainly addressed to companies which do not have an internal R&D biotechnology department.

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Contract manufacturing

We offer a contract manufacturing service for the production of different products such as microbial metabolites, enzymes and microbial biomass.

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Biosphere offers a range of commercial enzymes immobilised on different polymers, with different activity, being able to provide cheap and plant scale quantities.

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06 18, 2020

Biosphere supports the BIC letter to the European Commission

Biosphere's Chairman of the Board is among the representatives of 63 industry members of the Bio-based Industries Consortium who have signed an open letter addressed to the European Commission, in support of a stronger recognition of the bio-based sector in the EU's green recovery.
06 19, 2020

Biosphere is part of the European consortium of 10 entities in the frame of the Bizente project

Biosphere is proud to be part of the Bizente project. The project, coordinated by the Aragon-based technology centre AITIIP, has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 886567. Aim of the project is to resolve end-of-life issues of thermoset composite plastics by applying customised ligninases.