Biosphere - Your biotech partner

Biosphere is your ideal partner for the development of biotech processes and for the manufacturing of microbial enzymes, biomass and metabolites.

About us

Contract R&D

BioSphere offers an efficient and qualified service of outsourcing mainly addressed to companies which do not have an internal R&D biotechnology department.

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Contract manufacturing

We offer a contract manufacturing service for the production of different products such as microbial metabolites, enzymes and microbial biomass.

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Biosphere offers a range of commercial enzymes immobilised on different polymers, with different activity, being able to provide cheap and plant scale quantities.

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08 28, 2015

BIO-Europe 2015, Munich, November 2 - 4

Biosphere will be present at BIO-Europe 2015, at Munich, Germany, on the next November 2 - 4.
02 18, 2014

Bio-Europe Spring 2014, Turin, March 10 - 12

Biosphere will be present at the Bio-Europe Spring 2014, at Turin, on the next March 10 - 12.