A European project develops a pioneering technology to biodegrade plastics with enzymes and to recycle aircrafts

Mar 24, 2022
After 18 months running, the Bizente project, coordinated by Aitiip Centro Tecnológico of Zaragoza, and where Biosphere is involved as Partner, continues to develop a pioneering technology that will make it possible to biodegrade thermostable compounds, which until now were not recyclable, using enzymes.
Bizente, which involves 10 partners from five countries, is the first project approved by the European Union for the treatment of composite materials once they have reached their end of life. The project is coordinated by Aitiip Centro Tecnológico, and Biosphere has a key role in the development and optimization of fermentation processes for the production of the customized enzymes used in the degradation of plastics, and in the scale-up of the enzymatic degradation process.

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